Assiniboine Community College


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Learn current GIS technologies and how to use them to solve real-world problems. You will use geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing and global positioning systems (GPS), and drone technology to detail minute variations in land, water, vegetation and nutrient conditions.

Experience with modern equipment and software will make you a hot commodity in resource-based industries. Learn to analyze data, find and incorporate related information, and then translate it into practical management decisions that can be applied in any number of industries.

Your career can take you almost anywhere: government, private industry and community organizations. There is tremendous opportunity for you in agriculture, forestry, watershed and environmental management, land use planning, natural resources and transportation.

Certified Technicians and Technologists Association of Manitoba


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The Certified Technicians and Technologists Association of Manitoba (CTTAM) is the regulatory body within the Province of Manitoba for engineering and applied science technicians and technologists.

Certified CTTAM Members are approved by the Certification Board along with the Board of Directors to use one of the following titles:

C.E.T. — Certified Engineering Technologist
C.Tech. — Certified Engineering Technician

Employers, governments, educations institutions and the public in Manitoba and across Canada recognize these titles.

Certification with CTTAM demonstrates that the certified member has:

Agreed to uphold and abide by CTTAM’s Code of Ethics, promising to fulfill your duty to the Public, the profession and fellow members.
Met a national standard of education and experience.
Made a commitment to their profession; and
Made a personal statement that they are a technology professional

CTTAM credentials are recognized across Canada and internationally, making it easy to transfer to another jurisdiction.  CTTAM has an agreement with each of the other provincial associations to allow certified technicians and technologists to transfer to another province and retain their certified status.

TREK Geotechnical Inc.


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Our Firm

TREK Geotechnical Inc. is an employee-owned consulting firm that provides professional engineering services in the geotechnical and hydrotechnical disciplines. While our approach to engineering is based on sound engineering principles and rigorous analysis, our approach to business is centered on cultivating employee and client trust. Our business advantage is our people and we continue to develop their talents to serve our clients at the highest level.

Western Heritage


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Since 1990, Western Heritage has been trusted to deliver innovative solutions and proven expertise for the critical compliance and information needs of our clients across Canada and around the world. We are the premier choice for any project where heritage and cultural resources may be present. We serve clients across many sectors, from resource industries such as mining, forestry, and petroleum to infrastructure clients, cities, and communities.

Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors


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We protect your rights to fair property ownership and orderly development by defending the accuracy and the integrity of our land survey fabric. Established in 1881, the Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors (AMLS) is the oldest land surveying association in Canada. We are a professional, self-governing body operating under The Land Surveyors Act (Manitoba), which regulates the practice of land surveying for the protection of the public and administration of the profession. The Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors sets the standards of practice, continuing education, conduct of members and investigates complaints from the public. Only a Manitoba Land Surveyor has the legal authority and expertise to properly define the legal boundaries of a parcel of land either on the ground or on paper.

Your Manitoba Land Surveyor is the person charged with the responsibility of advising on or determining the location of all corners or boundaries of property within the Province of Manitoba, Canada Lands excepted. Their authority is granted under The Land Surveyors Act, C.C.S.M. c. L60. Land Surveyors are professionals with a specialized knowledge of the legal aspects of real property, land use, and planning. They have been trained in the mathematical and related sciences appurtenant to their field and are required to meet high standards of qualifications before being authorized to practice. Land surveyors perform work with patience, sound judgement and logical thinking.

Strategic Systems Engineering Inc.


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We are a team of environmental professionals who work locally and internationally to help communities of any size sustain their areas through clean, cost-effective solutions.

We can provide solutions to help protect your area. At Strategic Systems Engineering Inc., we work to build climate resilience. We use high-quality geospatial data to observe and mitigate current issues an area faces and prevent future climate impacts. We boil our information down into understandable findings. We use software to create photo-realistic renders of our solutions. But we do a lot more. We can reduce your community’s greenhouse gas emissions, evaluate infrastructure lifespans, and so much more.

We’re the experts in water resilience:
• Flood Mitigation
• Drought Mitigation
• Water Quality & Quantity

Working with us is an investment into your community that has a high ROI. When identifying climate adaptations, we ensure they are feasible. Climate preparation will reduce the economic impacts of future climate events. Through Strategic, sustainability and resiliency is cost-effective.

Water resilience means protecting infrastructure, crops, recreational activities, and quality of life. When it comes to water, Strategic knows best.

ESRI Canada


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Esri Canada provides geographic information system (GIS) solutions that empower people in business, government and education to make informed and timely decisions by leveraging the power of mapping and spatial analytics. These solutions enable organizations to better manage their resources, plan their future and collaborate within and beyond their organization. Esri Canada’s products and services help advance successful digital transformation. The company serves 12,000 organizations from 16 offices across Canada and is based in Toronto.

M3 Aerial Productions


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M3 Aerial Productions will provide specialized aerial imaging services, and RPAS Pilot Ground School Training that is considered to be of the highest standards in Canada. Our program will educate pilots to be responsible and proficient RPAS operators and prepare them to write the Transport Canada RPAS Pilot Exams. We will deliver affordable services to help our customers integrate aerial data collection in their operations.

AAE Tech Services Inc.


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AAE Tech Services Inc is a professional consulting company providing environmental services on a wide variety of projects across Canada. Our areas of specialization include:

Environmental Monitoring
Biosecurity Monitoring
Environmental Impact Assessments
Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
Water Quality Monitoring
Water Resource Management
Fisheries Biology and Management
Fish Ageing
Aquatic Ecology
Fish and Mussel Salvages
Benthic Invertebrate Biology

Please visit our “What We Do” page for detailed descriptions of the types of projects we are experienced at tackling.

At AAE Tech Services Inc. we strive to provide our clients with exceptional service at an outstanding value.  As our company grows, we are continually expanding our capabilities and taking on new challenges on behalf of our clients. Our primary goal as an environmental consulting firm is to work with communities, companies and stakeholders to ensure our environment is protected.



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As companies grow, their needs for security, storage, and redundancy increase as well.

Data, whether it is customer records, or financial information, needs to be secured.

Traditional methods such as tape, and external drive backup just barely cover the basic necessities.

Most on site solutions end up being neglected, and forgotten, until that information is needed.

Only then do you realize that your information wasn’t as safe as you thought it was.

LES.NET offers secure data center and co-location services that won’t break the bank.

Conveniently located in central Winnipeg, LES.NET offers a solution that can accommodate the needs of any sized business.

Lewis Instruments


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Lewis Instruments Ltd is based in central Canada with stores in Winnipeg, MB and Saskatoon, SK. We are a leading supplier of the finest technologies in survey measurement; 3D laser scanners, robotic total stations, GNSS systems, UAVs, machine control, construction lasers, accessories and supplies.

We are the oldest operating survey supply house in Canada with 70 years of service to the industry as of 2019. We carry everything required for data collection in the field to plan production in the office. We represent suppliers such as Leica Geosystems, SenseFly, Parrot Business Solutions, KIP, Canon, SECO, Schonstedt and more.

We service what we sell locally and our pride lies in post-sale service and support, it’s the foundation our business has been built on. With trained technologists in our service department, we are committed to your on-going satisfaction with our products.

Taiga Air Services


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Owned and operated by Tony Ursini — a pilot and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) himself with over 30 years experience in project management and aerial technologies — Taiga prides itself on being a small team of experts with the tools and experience to make big things happen.

Taiga Air Services has been providing utility helicopter charter, aerial survey, inspection, imaging and thermal scanning services for over 25 years and has established itself as a supplier of choice amongst many of North America’s utilities, infrastructure and transportation and natural resource institutions. Put simply, Taiga provides a strategic range of remote, aerial sensing and geomatics services for its clients, specialized in multi-platform collection with helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

From the technologies and services listed above, Taiga takes a tailored approach to managing clients. The journey begins with an assessment to determine needs and project scope and from there, Taiga works to find data-driven aerial intelligence solutions to achieve new possibilities within a diverse range of environments.

Orix Geoscience


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Orix Geoscience is a leading geological firm that partners with junior, mid-tier and major exploration and mining companies, along with others in the industry. We provide customized, end-to-end expertise based on geological understanding to allow stakeholders to make informed exploration, production and investment decisions. At Orix, our employees bring integrity, technical knowledge and a willingness to learn, which enables us to welcome new challenges. We are a multi-faceted team of diverse and motivated Geologists, Geological Engineers, GIS Technicians, Data Analysts, Computer Programmers, and Administrators acting with integrity. Currently, we have 60+ passionate employees operating cohesively within three offices: Toronto, Winnipeg and Sudbury.

City of Winnipeg


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City of Winnipeg has been providing open data for years now. The open data portal is an excellent source of geospatial data and information. Open data is data that can be freely used, shared and built-on by anyone, anywhere, for any purpose. The City of Winnipeg open data portal is where the City’s open data is stored and available for anyone who wants to use it.



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For over 50 years Cansel has helped organizations in the engineering, surveying, construction, mining, architecture, manufacturing, printing, utilities, forestry, and government sectors measure, analyze, design, and build more efficiently and profitably. Cansel’s national team of professionals combine software, hardware and services to provide tailored solutions to improve your workflow, from field to finish.

Modern Earth


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Modern Earth is a Winnipeg-based online marketing team, brimming with experience.

Our MGUG website is hosted by Modern Earth!

We’ve been working in online marketing, website design, and tech development since the web began. And we have been developing sites in WordPress since before it officially started.

We fully believe supporting local is how we all succeed. We are founded on and continue to build with homegrown solutions, while maintaining a global perspective and reach.

We’re Agile. Need us to bend in a direction not originally planned? We can do that. To us, our clients are our partners, and we want to build a relationship based on your success online.