GIS Technician

GIS Technician

  • Posted by MG UG
  • On February 10, 2021
  • Full Time
  • Virden, MB
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Work Scope:

  • Create and/or edit digital files required in an automated mapping/facilities management/geographic information system (AM/FM/GIS)
  • Manage admin rights to GIS system(s)
  • Assist in the creation of and monitor quality assurance on as-built maps from field to AM/FM/GIS System(s)
  • Assist in the evaluation of software and GIS related systems
  • Assist in the development and implementation of the GIS system within RFNow
  • Work with initial information provided to prepare drawings and bills of materials using GIS and/or computer-aided drafting (CAD) systems for Telecom installations relating to telecommunication facilities
  • Apply general design and drafting standards and check completed plans to ensure they are functional and meet required standards
  • Provide material reports and/or financial reports of ongoing work orders as well as year end material reports
  • Provide monthly as-built updates to RFNOW

Essential Knowledge:

  • Working knowledge of construction project workflows from planning to final as-built, stakeholder involvements and safety protocols.
  • Knowledge of survey plans, digital mapping, photogrammetric products and conventional drafting/cartography for the production of fibre route and location plans.
  • Requires a knowledge of mathematics, computer technology, survey drafting, mapping principles, geodesy and geography, photogrammetric and associated calculations to prepare drawings for design and installation of fibre optic cables and related infrastructure
  • Requires an in depth knowledge of graphic map data with related database technology in order to properly convert files to import/export to and from the GIS system.

Skills and Experience

  • Skilled in the operation of automated mapping/facilities management/geographic systems (AM/FM/GIS), with particular emphasis on digital mapping using Map Info and OSP Insight products, Visio and Google Earth or other similar software.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft office tools (Word, Excel, Visio and Outlook) as well as navigating other Microsoft tools such as Share Point and Teams.
  • Experience with Microsoft Sequel is an asset.
  • Requires experience in survey drafting to be familiar with Federal and Provincial status, acts, regulations as applicable to standards of surveys and plans, survey computations, interpretation of boundary notes, basic surveying and other relevant features.
  • Requires experience with departmental standards, procedures and guidelines and fibre optical network construction, document management, material management and circuit testing/troubleshooting
  • Requires good organizational, analytical thinking, listening and both verbal and written communications skills
  • Experience with commercial telecommunication networks is an added advantage

If interested, forward resumé detailing your qualifications.

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