Fall Conference 2021 Conference

We’re proud to announce our Fall 2021 Conference is going virtual!

This year  with an abundance of caution we’re going to host a Zoom Conference, over two afternoons Oct 20, and 21. More details to come in the coming weeks.

If you have a topic you think the MGUG community would find interesting, please fill out an Abstract Submission Form or email to be considered for a spot to present at the Fall 2021 Conference!

We have two amazing keynote speakers lined up:


John Nelson

John Nelson is a map maker, software experience designer, and writer at Esri. He works with the Living Atlas team, creating geographic data, web experiences, moderately-educational blogs, and mildly-instructional videos. He works in a small woodshed in Michigan and relishes the opportunity to chat with other map folks.




Gretchen Peterson

Gretchen was a keynote in 2015 and thanks to popular demand will return for another keynote!. Gretchen Peterson is the founder and principal of PetersonGIS. Consulting since 2003, she has helped over 30 clients, some for more than a decade, from Fortune 500 companies to small non-profits to local, regional, and federal government organizations to better the world and visualize it meaningfully. For organizations like Microsoft, Wikimedia Foundation, Facebook, Zenly, and Maxar she creates world-scale zoomable maps, for organizations like Colorado State University, the Hood Canal Coordinating Council, and Save the Poudre she makes maps that help conserve our natural resources. She is also the author of the City Maps Coloring Book, Cartographer’s Toolkit, GIS Cartography 3rd Edition, and co-author of QGIS Map Design 2nd edition.