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MGUG's Mobile Site

It's been a long time coming along but MGUG has finally put its finishing touches on its new mobile version of the website. (I know we're late by a couple of years)... Our website statistics have shown that there's been a growing number of mobile users accessing MGUG. Try it out on your IPhone, Android or Blackberry mobile device.

We are always looking at ways for improving the usability on the website. Please tell us what's on your mind in the MGUG Forums.

MGUG Post Secondary Award 2014

GIS plays an important role in our lives...and to recognize this importance, the Manitoba GIS User Group (MGUG) is awarding, to Manitoba post-secondary students, the MGUG 2014 Post Secondary Award.

MGUG Post Secondary Award 2014 PDF

MGUG is planning to award a total of $1,000 to students enrolled in a Manitoba post-secondary academic institution with their primary subject matter focusing on Geographic Information Systems. The winners of the two $500.00 Awards will be judged on their paper or report submission by a panel of Manitoba’s GIS Professionals.

• Submitted materials will be evaluated on the student’s use of GIS for innovation, creativity, communication, and applicability to achieve project results.
• A total of two $500.00 awards will be determined in June 2014 with the winners announced at the MGUG Fall Conference. Additionally the winners may be invited to present at the MGUG Fall Conference.

1. Applied GIS ($500) – We are seeking submissions that demonstrate the technical and/or applied use of GIS for specific problems or tasks.
2. Research GIS ($500) – We are seeking submissions that demonstrate the use of GIS within a greater research project. The project should have clearly defined objectives with a strong theoretical foundation (comprised largely of GIS) and showcase GIS as a means of investigating the goals and objectives to derive a solution.

Poster deadline submission is Friday, May 30th, 2014.

MGUG AGM and Winter Workshop 2014

Thanks to everyone that attended the 2014 Winter Workshop & Annual General Meeting. A copy of the AGM presentation given by MGUG President, Tony Viveiros, is available here. MGUG Director reports on finances, sponsorship, communications, conferences and education were provided and a status report on MGUG's Strategic Direction given. A number of items were unanimously approved at the AGM including:
1. The election of MGUG's Board of Directors;
2. Setting the MGUG fiscal year to be January 1st - December 31st; and
3. MGUG support for the St. John's Declaration which aims to advance geographic education in Canada.
Roger Tomlinson, the father of GIS, was also remembered at the MGUG AGM and the short film he commissioned for the National Film Board in 1967 describing the development of the Canada Geographic Information System viewed.
After lunch, the Winter Workshop component included a wide variety of presenters from the Institute of Urban Studies, Manitoba Department of Municipal Planning, the University of Winnipeg and MNP LLP.

MGUG Fall Conference 2013 Survey Results

We'd like to share with the MGUG community a summary from our MGUG Fall Conference 2013 surveys. With over 200 feedback forms received, we've had an overall good response from the GIS community in Manitoba who attended the conference. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us as we hope this will help us in improving future events with MGUG.

TECTERRA Receives Extension to its CECR Funding Through 2016

TECTERRA has been approved by the Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) to receive a two-year extension to its funding period under the Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR) program until March 31, 2016.

Under this program, TECTERRA received $11.685M to support the geomatics industry across Canada. TECTERRA helps bring innovative technology and products to market, create new jobs, develop the infrastructure and ultimately generate positive impact on the prosperity of all Canadians. This extension allows TECTERRA to continue to support small and medium geomatics technology companies across Canada for two more years.

For more information, please click here.