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Winter Workshop 2015

Date: Thursday, February 19th, 2015
Venue: Robert B. Shultz Lecture Theatre (Room 172)
Address: St. Johns College, University of Manitoba
Cost: Free

Agenda: MGUG Winter Workshop 2015 Agenda

The Manitoba GIS User Group is proud to announce its upcoming 2015 Annual General Meeting & Winter Workshop. To register for this free event, please complete the online form here. The MGUG AGM/Winter Workshop will take place Thursday, February 19, 2015 from 10 am – 4 pm at St. Johns College at the University of Manitoba. Lunch will be provided only for those that register and indicate that they will attend the morning AGM (10-Noon). Presentations will be held in the afternoon from 1:30 – 4 pm during the Workshop component. An informal social gathering will be held at a nearby lounge afterwards.

Call for Abstracts: If you would like to present at the afternoon Workshop (20 minutes), please send your 200 word presentation abstract to

Sponsorships: A limited number of AGM and Workshop sponsorships are available. If interested, please contact MGUG Sponsorship Director, Matthew McBurney at Matthew.McBurney@AGR.GC.CA.

To register:
Please visit: our registration form.

Visit the MGUG Workshop 2015 page for more information.

GIS Day 2014 in Winnipeg

We hope you all had a festive GIS day. This year MGUG celebrated Geography week, and GIS day with a number of events.

Jeremy Sewell delivered a presentation to four separate grade then geography classes at Dakota Collegiate. He was joined by Dr. Chris Storie, Janelle Liang and Tori Jonatanson from the University of Winnipeg, and Linda Connor from Manitoba Education. Together they inspired a new generation of GISers through a series of demonstrations, presentations and group discussions.

At Beaumont school, Tony Viveiros joined Greg Carlson from GeoManitoba for a GIS day presentation.

Click here for more GIS Day 2014 pics

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